HAPI Developers

Developers of both enterprise and consumer facing applications have to deal with the increasing complexity of living in the cloud while having to navigate the complex security, authentication, and access requirements of on-premise networks and Active Directory systems. HAPI’s complete set of APIs provides the security and auditing to your applications.

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HAPI Devices

Devices living in the cloud are most often second class citizens to corporate networks. HAPI comes to the rescue by providing “Virtual Join” capabilities to non Active Directory devices such as Chromebooks, Macs, Remote Laptops, IoT, etc., to securely access all of the resources of Active Directory from anywhere in the world!

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HAPI Solutions

Developing Hybrid Mobile or Cloud Apps?

HAPI APIs enables any mobile or SaaS cloud application developer to easily implement Active Directory SSO and seamlessly and securely connect and access any on-premise resource. Tell me more…



Struggling with SSO Solutions?

Developing applications but don’t want to rely on a 3rd party SSO tool? With HAPI, you can build SSO directly into your mobile, HTML browser, or corporate apps with minimal effort utilizing the security of a direct Active Directory integrated solution. Register for the SSO WhitePaper…

Sensitive Files Going Everywhere?

HAPI allows dynamic access to your local on-premise files from any browser or device. Now your mobile and BYOD devices can become first class citizens to Active Directory with all of the access and features as if they were on-premise. This empowers corporations to give their users full access to their files wherever they’re stored. Tell me more…


HAPI Architecture

Working with HAPI

Step 1
Download HAPI Gateway

Step 2
Connect to HAPI Cloud

Step 3
Access Any Data from Any Device


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