About FullArmor

What We Do

FullArmor Corporation is a leading edge cloud services development firm. Our cloud based solutions range from a Hybrid API Platform to traditional IT management. More than 5 million users and 1,500 organizations worldwide rely on technology developed by FullArmor.

Who We Are

Coming from various industries around enterprise IT, security, and cloud, our team embodies the entrepreneurial spirit into every product we create. We are currently focused on providing mobile, SaaS, and web apps hybrid access to on-premise resources. Previous technologies developed at FullArmor include Active Directory security migration, Group Policy management, workflow automation with Powershell, on-premise to cloud email migration, and SaaS app monitoring.


Danny Kim


As CTO of FullArmor Corp., Danny is responsible for the company’s strategic technology direction and architecture. Danny is a recognized industry expert on Security, Active Directory, and Cloud Infrastructures and has helped more than 30 Fortune 100 companies design and deploy security and cloud infrastructures. Kim holds a BS in Computer Science from Cornell University.


Charles Davis

VP Engineering

As VP of Engineering, Charles is responsible for managing the development process from inception to release and orchestrating customer feedback within the development process. Charles manages an extremely talented team of developers that has consistently delivered enterprise grade solutions ahead of the industry.


Rich Farrell


As president of FullArmor Corporation, Rich is responsible for driving the company’s direction and business strategy. With a background that includes taking various software products from concept to distribution and direct sales channels, Rich sets the company’s goals and empowers the FullArmor team to achieve them. Rich holds a BS from Cornell University.


Robert Almond


As chief operating officer of FullArmor Corporation, Bob is responsible for corporate development, finance, legal, and operations. Bob has overseen the sale of 8 company assets and managed the relationships with the acquiring partner companies. Bob holds a JD from Suffolk University School of Law and a BA in Politics, Saint Anselm College.

Get in Touch

We always love to hear from our customers and partners. Feel free to reach out and give us your comments and feedback.


Corporate Headquarters: 198 Tremont Street Suite 402 Boston, MA 02116

Business Phone: 617-457-8100

Email: hapi@fullarmor.com